24HV :

Shore power outlets

for container ships

Sockets for container ships


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socket diagram

Socket and plug for shore connection of

container ships

Environmental benefits

By avoiding the need to run diesel generators, ships significantly reduce their emissions of harmful gases and fine particles.

Fuel savings

Connecting to shore power can save fuel and facilitate maintenance operations.


IEC 80005-1 (High voltage shore connection systems) sets the standards for safe and efficient connections between shore power systems and ships.

The ability to connect a vessel to the available shore power is commonly referred to as “Cold Ironing”. Standardization of connection systems should enable ships to switch off diesel generators, thereby eliminating pollutant emissions and noise pollution at berth.


In 350 A - Un 6.6 kV – 4 MVA

IP66-IP67 sealing

With covers or after coupling

Upk 7.2 kV

Operating temperature -40°C / +60°C

3-phase, 50 mm² to 120 mm²

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