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With 30 years of experience in electrical industry, as engineer for connection devices and as quality and purchasing manager, Frédéric Russo created 24HV in 2022.

Our mission

At 24HV, we’re committed to accelerate the energy transition in shipping industry, by providing High Voltage sockets and plugs dedicated to shore connection of container ships. The complete solution commonly named “Cold Ironing” is described in the international standard IEC 80005-1 (High Voltage Shore Connection System) . We aim to significantly contibute to the reduction of CO2 emissions from ships at quay, by using electricity as an alternative energy source. Although electricity also has a carbon footprint, its production is increasingly green thanks to the growing adoption of renewable energies. Making “cold ironing” the standard solution, ports can look forward to a potential reduction in CO2 emissions, contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable future for our planet.

We understand the environmental challenges facing the world today. As key players in the marine industry, we have a responsibility to take proactive steps to reduce our impact on the environment. By installing sockets in every port and plugs on every container ship, we offer a viable solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while supporting the sustainable growth of the maritime industry. Together, we can sail towards a greener future.


Shipping = major contribution to CO2

Shipping industry is responsible for 2.89% of global CO2 emissions.

+ Air Pollution

Container ships also emit sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, highly contributing to air pollution.

Reducing emissions at Quay

Ships at berth emit several million tonnes of CO2 every year through fuel consumption.

Frédéric Russo

Frédéric Russo


Electrical engineer graduated of Centrale Lille in 1992, he spent over 30 years in electrical industry. With more than 20 years of experience as design engineer for low voltage and medium voltage connection devices, he spent about 10 years as quality manager and purchasing manager for electrical industry. His expertise in power electronics, connectors and project management is at the origin of the creation of 24HV Power Connectors, reflecting his passion for industry and sustainability.



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